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Adesse Versions – Pressured – LIPS 01 (Make Love in Public Spaces)

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Adesse Versions sheds himself in mystery – save his geographical location (UK, where else?) and his love for sampling, little is known about the DJ and producer. His earlier releases on Prime Numbers were played from London to Ibiza, and the Boiler Room debut in September raised some heads as well, yet the producer refrains from revealing his identity. Music-wise, the name speaks for itself: his productions are to be seen as versions, or interpretations, of other tracks – sampling at its best.

His latest release on Make Love In Public Spaces is a limited, hand-stamped EP, featuring two original tracks and one instrumental version. On the A-Side, ‘Pressured’ gives Jhelisa’s 1994 RnB track ‘Friendly Pressure’ a dark, sexy feeling. The original’s lyrics are backed with a heavy bass and shuffling percussion – slow, yet energetic, perfect for the dark hours of the day. The instrumental version is stripped of the vocals and sadly lacks the fascinating aura of the original mix.

The B-Side features ‘Modal’, an interpretation of Photek’s classic ‘Modus Operandi’. The original’s jazzy DnB-cuts are turned into a more dancefloor-appropriate tune, it’s smooth piano gliding over horn stabs and a grooving double bass. Even without vocals, the song is more emotional than anything I’ve heard recently, telling tales of desire and longing, while staying groovy and almost sexual.